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The Dangers of Too Much Lean?

stamp.phpDangers of being too lean?
There is a lot of talk about Lean Engineering, and a lot of thought has gone into its application to Systems Engineering (see the Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering international working group). I am very aware and supportive of need for (appropriate) lean – focus on doing what is value adding, and being effective and efficient. I have heard some use lean as an argument against eliciting or managing requirements because its isn’t directly contributing to solution generation – so you can go far.

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Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking

2015-07-15 10.31.38Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking – intersection or subset?

I have recently been in discussion with an INCOSE colleague about the difference or relationship between Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking – and whether they are different or related. Let me be very clear from the start on my view – I think of Systems Engineering as the systematic (through an appropriate process) application of Systems Thinking, to a problem in the Engineering domain. [This comes from the training I got from Stuart Burge over a decade ago]. The last point is key – it depends on the purpose or situation in which the Systems Thinking is done. Continue reading Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking

MIT Survey on Technology Readiness Levels

NASA TRL MeterWe invite your participation in a study on the state-of-the-art practice of Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) and challenges using this method. This study is conducted by a research team at MIT Sloan School of Management under the supervision of Professor Steven Eppinger and Professor Nitin Joglekar. We believe that a better understanding of the TRL practice will benefit not only future academic work but also the daily practice in industry applications. Your opinion on TRLs is very valuable to us and we would highly appreciate if you take time to complete this 20-minute online survey on Technology Readiness Level Challenges. All data you provide will be kept completely confidential as specified by MIT rules. Only aggregated data analyses will be disseminated.

This link takes you directly to the survey:

We would be delighted if you would also forward this link to your colleagues working with TRLs.