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I am an active INCOSE member - and currnetly chapter president of the INCOSE UK chapter. My specific interests in Systems Engineering are : implentning SE into an organisation, applicaton of Systems thinking, Requirements elication and management, and competency I am employed by Rolls-Royce, who I joined as a graduate trainee in 1986. For RR I am Global Chief of Systems Engineering, and Associate Fellow in Systems Engineering

The Dangers of Too Much Lean?

stamp.phpDangers of being too lean?
There is a lot of talk about Lean Engineering, and a lot of thought has gone into its application to Systems Engineering (see the Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering international working group). I am very aware and supportive of need for (appropriate) lean – focus on doing what is value adding, and being effective and efficient. I have heard some use lean as an argument against eliciting or managing requirements because its isn’t directly contributing to solution generation – so you can go far.

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Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking

2015-07-15 10.31.38Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking – intersection or subset?

I have recently been in discussion with an INCOSE colleague about the difference or relationship between Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking – and whether they are different or related. Let me be very clear from the start on my view – I think of Systems Engineering as the systematic (through an appropriate process) application of Systems Thinking, to a problem in the Engineering domain. [This comes from the training I got from Stuart Burge over a decade ago]. The last point is key – it depends on the purpose or situation in which the Systems Thinking is done. Continue reading Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking