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Preview ISSN 2513-857X

Did you spot the ISSN on the latest issue of Preview? We decided to apply for an ISSN so that Preview is now easier to reference and will be maintained as part of the National Archive.


When citing Preview it should be ‘ISSN 2513-857X’ exactly as shown between the quotes (and as shown on the front of the magazine). This is an ISSN for the electronic version of the magazine, and if we ever decide to issue in an additional format, we will need to request an additional ISSN to go with that.

You will find Preview on issuu here, and new issues will be added to this stack as they are published. They will all carry the same ISSN, and be distinguished by the issue name, in this example ‘Winter 2017’. This stack has the three 2015 print editions as well as all the electronic only editions from Winter 2016 to now.  You can view from the website, or the app (Android or Apple). They should all also be available to download as pdf if you wish to read offline. If you feel the need to print the pdf, A5 is a workable size.

If you are referencing Preview from Winter 2017 onward, please use the ISSN to ensure that there is no ambiguity.

Getting the most from our new e-Magazines

As you hopefully saw in my previous post, we have selected Issuu as our publishing platform for Preview. The first non-paper version will come out next Spring, but in the meantime, you can view all of the 2015 editions and our ASEC brochure in the tool.

I want to show you some of the key features that will make your reading experience as good as it can be.

In the browser

Click on the ‘Click to Read’ button if you find a magazine embedded in a blog entry or web page such as this, note that you can see our other publications down the right hand side of the widget.


The controls along the lower edge of the screen in the browser are shown below.

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The Dangers of Too Much Lean?

stamp.phpDangers of being too lean?
There is a lot of talk about Lean Engineering, and a lot of thought has gone into its application to Systems Engineering (see the Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering international working group). I am very aware and supportive of need for (appropriate) lean – focus on doing what is value adding, and being effective and efficient. I have heard some use lean as an argument against eliciting or managing requirements because its isn’t directly contributing to solution generation – so you can go far.

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Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking

2015-07-15 10.31.38Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking – intersection or subset?

I have recently been in discussion with an INCOSE colleague about the difference or relationship between Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking – and whether they are different or related. Let me be very clear from the start on my view – I think of Systems Engineering as the systematic (through an appropriate process) application of Systems Thinking, to a problem in the Engineering domain. [This comes from the training I got from Stuart Burge over a decade ago]. The last point is key – it depends on the purpose or situation in which the Systems Thinking is done. Continue reading Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking

INCOSE UK Tutorial Day

2015-06-10 18.49.57 We had a successful Tutorial day on June 10th at the beautiful Lydiard House near Swindon. We have been here for the last few years for the tutorial day, and some meetings too. There is a part of the house that is open to the public, although I have never found the time to go around it. There is also an accommodation block, very convenient for a 9:00 start in the morning if you don’t live locally. Feedback from the event showed a positive response to the location; tea and coffee are always available, and handmade cakes and biscuits arrive at suitable points. Continue reading INCOSE UK Tutorial Day

Please read the BKCASE Newsletter

rickREAD THE BKCASE NEWSLETTER.  Hopefully, all INCOSE members received an email last week with a link to the BKCASE newsletter.  BKCASE stands for Body of Knowledge and Curriculum to Advance Systems Engineering.  It is responsible for two things:  The SE Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) and an associated Graduate Reference Curriculum (GRCSE).  This is a special edition of the regular update we send to those involved, or interested, in the BKCASE project each month.  In it you will find articles and updates on the project and links to our website (  On the website you can find information on the history of the project, our current activities and how to get more involved.  This is a one off mailing and you will need to subscribe if you want to continue to receive the newsletter.

I became involved in BKCASE in 2009 along with a number of others from the UK and other EMEA chapters of iNCOSE.  In 2012 the projects original funding ended and its products became jointly supported by INCOSE and IEEE. In January 2013 I became the BKCASE Editor in Chief.  In this volunteer role I work with an international Editorial Board to manage the continuing evolution of the SEBoK.  A growing number of UK members contribute to this, directly and through the INCOSE working groups  If you would like to learn more, are considering getting involved or think your company might be interested in helping to sponsor this work, please READ THE BKCASE NEWSLETTER.