‘Don’t Panic! The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to MBSE’

Two of our members – Prof. Jon Holt and Simon Perry – have co-authored the first book in the ‘Don’t Panic!’ series which is titled ‘The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Model-Based Systems Engineering’. The book is aimed at systems engineers, managers, board members, students and anyone who is seriously interested in using modelling to enhance and improve their existing Systems Engineering activities.

Prof. Jon Holt, who is an internationally-recognised expert in the field of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and award-winning author and public speaker explains “As practitioners of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) one of the biggest problems that faces us, the authors, is attempting to get over that initial hurdle of engaging with the Systems Engineering and wider communities without them running for the hills in abstract fear at the mention of MBSE, so this book is our response to this problem”.

Simon Perry who has spent 30 years working in all aspects of software and systems engineering and has been a Director and consultant for Scarecrow Consultants, then goes on to explain ”The aim of this book is to provide an honest, straightforward and simple introduction to the world of MBSE that almost anyone can understand.”

The INCOSE UK President, Ivan Mactaggart, stated “The INCOSE UK Council were delighted to work with Jon and Simon when they proposed this project. There is a lot of confusion about Systems Engineering and the various approaches, such as MBSE, so being able to offer a book that can demystify one of these approaches is a very good step forward.”

You can order your copy of the book from our online store at www.incoseonline.org.uk.

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