ePublishing of Preview


You may have seen our notice in the last Preview (Summer 2015) that we intend to move to an epublication for the future.

There are a few key features that I want from a publishing platform, listed below – not full requirements, just high level wooly wishes.

  • Available on multiple platforms:  Android, iPad, web browser
  • Pleasant experience to use with a quality feel (like I said, not proper requirements!)
  • Ability to share and link and socialise
  • Ability to include active hyperlinks
  • A mobile app that doesn’t demand access to all your information
  • An affordable service

There are a lot of options, many of which cost a lot more than we have available to support three publications a year. Some are free and some are low cost, and there is a range of review comments from very poor to excellent.

After some hours of research I found myself repeatedly directed to Issuu. This allows us to publish as often as we want. The in-browser viewing option can be advertisement free and the mobile apps are of an acceptable quality, with the option to zoom in to read small print.  All of this comes at a price that does not break the bank.

Having thought about this a little more, I concluded that the ASEC programme would also benefit from the same publication method.

At the UK Council meeting yesterday, it was agreed to go ahead with this, and our account has been set up. I have uploaded all the 2015 Previews and the ASEC Programme. Find us from the app by searching for INCOSE, or take a look at the ASEC brochure below.

I will post soon with some more details about how to get the best experience from the tool.


Hazel Woodcock, Communications Director.

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