Getting the most from our new e-Magazines

As you hopefully saw in my previous post, we have selected Issuu as our publishing platform for Preview. The first non-paper version will come out next Spring, but in the meantime, you can view all of the 2015 editions and our ASEC brochure in the tool.

I want to show you some of the key features that will make your reading experience as good as it can be.

In the browser

Click on the ‘Click to Read’ button if you find a magazine embedded in a blog entry or web page such as this, note that you can see our other publications down the right hand side of the widget.


The controls along the lower edge of the screen in the browser are shown below.

Issuu controlsFirst the zoom slider: you can increase the zoom using this, or you can double click on the page.

Page Number: This shows you are currently on page 1 out of 24

Funny little arrow in a box: This is a pop up menu for sharing, with options of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, and email. You can also get the code to embed the widget on your own page (for instance on your intranet somewhere), you can download the pdf or get a  web link to the magazine.

Search: Full text search within the magazine

Weird thing that looks a bit like a 1970’s watch: This gives you a page selector to quickly navigate to any point in the magazine and it looks like this.

Issuu Page PickerPage icon: Switch between single and double page display

Stretchy arrows: Show the magazine full screen, you still get these controls, and this one becomes an option to go back to not full screen.

Red Plus in a teardrop: Just off the top right of the page.  This allows you to ‘Clip’. You select an area of the page and then either share on social media using one of the available buttons, or make a comment in the magazine.

Mobile iOS and Android

The mobile apps are much more intuitive than the browser. Search for Issuu in your App Store or on Google Play, and install it.

Within the app, search for INCOSE UK, you should find one of our publications. Select that, and click where it says ‘By INCOSE UK’ this shows you all of our publications and there will be an option to ‘Follow’ (Menu top right for Android). Now you can pinch zoom to see the page selector, or zoom in to the page.

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