New INCOSE Website


The INCOSE International website has had a facelift. If you are an INCOSE member then you should have had an email about this by now with instructions on how to log in. Your old username and password will no longer help you; you need to follow the link in the email and follow the instructions. Once this is done, you will in future log in with your registered email address and the new password that you have created.

There is still work going on to populate the new website, so there may be some information missing in the short term. It will take time to learn the quickest route to the familiar content, but at first glance this looks to be a big improvement over the old site.

I found that INCOSE CONNECT took a long time to load the landing page, but with a sample size of 1 this is not a clear indicator of anything useful. It did ask for permission to ‘run Microsoft Office’ which I granted, I don’t know what the effect of refusing that permission would be.

Our UK website will still remain where it is with no significant changes planned for this year.

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