Preview ISSN 2513-857X

Did you spot the ISSN on the latest issue of Preview? We decided to apply for an ISSN so that Preview is now easier to reference and will be maintained as part of the National Archive.


When citing Preview it should be ‘ISSN 2513-857X’ exactly as shown between the quotes (and as shown on the front of the magazine). This is an ISSN for the electronic version of the magazine, and if we ever decide to issue in an additional format, we will need to request an additional ISSN to go with that.

You will find Preview on issuu here, and new issues will be added to this stack as they are published. They will all carry the same ISSN, and be distinguished by the issue name, in this example ‘Winter 2017’. This stack has the three 2015 print editions as well as all the electronic only editions from Winter 2016 to now.  You can view from the website, or the app (Android or Apple). They should all also be available to download as pdf if you wish to read offline. If you feel the need to print the pdf, A5 is a workable size.

If you are referencing Preview from Winter 2017 onward, please use the ISSN to ensure that there is no ambiguity.

3 thoughts on “Preview ISSN 2513-857X

  1. I had a look at your website but it seems to me that certain information about systems is not there.
    Have you ever considered giving a list of all of the (engineered) kinds of systems that fall inside your scope?
    Of course there are many kinds that one can think about, without there being any particular modeling, but when it comes to the engineering or model building, the list is not so great and references to it would be of particular use. I am interested in modelling macroeconomics as a complete system and have managed to write about it in a book and in two working-papers. I would like to mutually share this, should there be any interest.

    1. David, We are a diverse group at INCOSE UK, and in the wider INCOSE, and while most of us are focused around the physical, tangible product or engineered systems, there is an interest in less obvious systems. Listing systems is almost certain to offend, as, with the best will in the world, we will leave out something important. The whole organisation is driven by enthusiasm, and therefore, I suggest that you come along to a local group, or our Annual Conference and talk to a cross section of members. The call for papers for the Annual Conference will be out soon, it would be interesting to have you submit a paper on the topic of macroeconomics as it relates to systems.

      1. Thank you Hazel. I live in a foreign country and it is costly to fly to the UK in order to attend your Annual Conference or a group meeting.

        I feel that your reply to my suggestion is unsatisfactory, because even if at the beginning some experts might be offended in not finding their subject included, one can write that the list is preliminary and the editor invites news about new kinds of engineered systems for an updated list, etc. That way you maintain your diverse reputational style.

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