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How can I Apply?






As we progress through 2016 and the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook V.4 becomes well established, I find myself answering more and more enquiries about how to embark on the Professional Certification programme. The Beta exam run by INCOSE UK was our testing ground for the new handbook back in 2014 and raised lots of interesting debate within our society about the value of the Professional Certification programme to it’s members. Several of those members who participated and were successful have since gone on to upgrade and were amongst the first of our home-grown CSEPS and ESEP.  Many large organisations, particularly those with United States origins, are looking to build ASEP, CSEP or ESEP into their  professional development programmes,  often with an associated bonus. Many of them are employing tailor-made training packages from specialist companies to support their groups of candidates through the Certification process, preparing them for success. It could be a timely conversation with an INCOSE UK colleague or a work peer that leads to the question “how can I apply?”. For INCOSE UK members the answer is “It’s straightforward “. With the on-line form easily accessible through the website and full-time weekday support available at every stage, if you’re looking for formal recognition of your Systems Engineering skills and experience – look no further.

INCOSE UK Tutorial Day

2015-06-10 18.49.57 We had a successful Tutorial day on June 10th at the beautiful Lydiard House near Swindon. We have been here for the last few years for the tutorial day, and some meetings too. There is a part of the house that is open to the public, although I have never found the time to go around it. There is also an accommodation block, very convenient for a 9:00 start in the morning if you don’t live locally. Feedback from the event showed a positive response to the location; tea and coffee are always available, and handmade cakes and biscuits arrive at suitable points. Continue reading INCOSE UK Tutorial Day


INCOSE_UK_Logo_newWelcome to our new INCOSE UK blog. I will try to explain what we are planning, although the plan is still a little fluid, I am sure there will be unexpected emergent properties, hopefully mostly positive ones.

Firstly we hope to bring you news from INCOSE UK Council and UKAB members of interesting things; short articles about upcoming events, informal reports on past events, both international and UK as well as related non-INCOSE events. Press releases will find their way here too, so you will get to see the news as we choose to present it to a wider audience. Some of the content here will find its way to Preview. Continue reading Welcome