INCOSE_UK_Logo_newWelcome to our new INCOSE UK blog. I will try to explain what we are planning, although the plan is still a little fluid, I am sure there will be unexpected emergent properties, hopefully mostly positive ones.

Firstly we hope to bring you news from INCOSE UK Council and UKAB members of interesting things; short articles about upcoming events, informal reports on past events, both international and UK as well as related non-INCOSE events. Press releases will find their way here too, so you will get to see the news as we choose to present it to a wider audience. Some of the content here will find its way to Preview.

Any news that working groups, local groups or interest groups want to share will also appear here. If any INCOSE UK member would like to submit an article for the blog then please let us know and we will try to fit any relevant content in to our schedule. We will try not to overwhelm you with a dozen posts in a day, and we will also try not to leave you months with nothing but the sound of crickets. This is a new area for us; communication has been more formal up to now, with publication of Preview and ePreview. This is a less formal route, and also has the benefit of allowing direct feedback from members in the comments.

This blog offers us some added benefits of easily showing dynamic content, so we will be experimenting with widgets to see what works and what doesn’t. Our first showcase is the Flipboard magazine , with curated content from around the web. These are news stories from a variety of sources that we hope you find to be of interest. You can view from your desktop machine, or get the app for your iPhone or Android phone and search the magazines for INCOSE UK to get mobile access.

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